HRH The Princess Royal Guardian of Give Them a Sporting Chance

Princess Anne

Give Them a Sporting Chance enables carers and those with disabilities an opportunity to turn their sporting and recreational dreams into reality. We have been able to enrich the lives of so many, and we can look back with pride at all that has been achieved over more than two decades.

All recipients are recommended by organisations and then raise funds for a charity of their choice: our mission has been to inspire recipients to raise funds for many causes. It has been encouraging that more and more charities are working together to reach out and improve all our lives. The reward is to know that organisations like Give Them a Sporting Chance touch so many, however we can achieve even more and ensure that ‘no act of human kindness is ever wasted’.

I am delighted to have been involved with the charity’s work as its Guardian, but it is the founder and small team of dedicated trustees that make the connections and turn wishes and ideas into fulfilling events. We all believe that everyone can make a positive difference to someone else’s life, so with a few more friends, we can make a much bigger difference.

Princess Anne

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"I think that Give Them a Sporting Chance is a great charity providing fantastic experiences not only for the carers and people with disabilities, but also for the sports people who are lucky enough to be involved.."

Tim Brabants