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Ben Goss

Give Them a Sporting Chance was started in 1990 to give people fun, life changing experiences and an opportunity to see beyond themselves.

A Sporting Chance is recommended by someone, in an organisation or a group, for a carer or for a disabled person, regardless of their age or disability.

A unique feature of the charity is that in return for living their dream through a Sporting Chance, the recipient is asked to raise funds for a charity of their own choice, but not Give Them a Sporting Chance.

The sum raised is not important but the concept of looking beyond ourselves to others who might be less fortunate is vital.

Give Them a Sporting Chance is run entirely by volunteers. With generous support from individuals and organisations we have arranged hundreds of adventures. A vast array of charities has received funds through the fundraising of recipients. (Do look at ‘Realising Dreams’ to see the range).

Give Them a Sporting Chance has created the dreams of many which initially seemed out of reach; we have given people, of all ages, memories of a lifetime.

If you would like to recommend someone for Give Them a Sporting Chance do contact Ben Goss at or complete the nomination form on our web page ‘How to nominate someone’.

Ben Goss
Ben Goss
Founder and Chairman

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"I think that Give Them a Sporting Chance is a great charity providing fantastic experiences not only for the carers and people with disabilities, but also for the sports people who are lucky enough to be involved.."

Tim Brabants